Space Object Tracking System

A tiny, power independent optical beacon that helps you keep track of your asset.

How it works


Beacon can come integrated into a standard sized cubesat solar panel or mounted directly to the cubesat frame.


Watch as your payload goes to space onboard your favorite ride-share platform.


Once deployed, the beacon starts to transmit immediately. No waiting, no guessing.


Each beacon emits a unique pattern using a low-energy laser that tells us who you are.


SDA enables access to your data and can relay orbital information to governing agencies such as the 18th SPCS.

Sustainable Space

The beacon continues to operate for the orbital lifetime of the payload. We will verify reentry status and compliance with international norms and treaties.

Next Generation

Data V2

The new beacon aims to be a lightweight replacement to your TT&C antenna and provide you with satellite health information within minutes of deployment from the launch vehicle. Afterwards, the beacon will provide regular health updates.


SDA recognizes that our ability to positively impact the space domain is limited by the fact we can only help satellites on the ground. We want to change that. Application of the beacon on-orbit will enable remote tagging of objects post-launch.

And more to come

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Certainly not! The emission of the beacon is so low-energy that the satellite itself (from reflecting light in space) is brighter than the beacon. Our night skies are safe.
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